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Our Vision

Our mission is to revolutionize clean energy through exceptional solar solutions, meeting industry energy demands in a greener way by harnessing the limitless power of the sun

We envision a world powered by clean and sustainable energy through state-of-the-art solar technologies, ensuring a greener future for all

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From Our MD’s desk

             We embarked on a journey to explore solar energy in 1980s, recognizing its potential to create a greener world. During our early period, convincing the tea planters in Nilgiris to switch from conventional firewood boilers to solar heating for tea processing was challenging, but our perseverance paid off. We successfully converted 9 tea factories to solar air drying, leading to reduced fossil fuel consumption with a payback period of under 3 years. We still have an immense satisfaction to state that these solar air Drying systems installed in 1992-96 are still operational, a testament to our team’s enduring efforts in providing long-lasting solar solutions.

       We cherish the invaluable experience of setting up a 1 KW solar photovoltaic (SPV) water pumping system for a remote village, entirely funded by the Department of Science and Technology, even before the establishment of the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE).But today, solar power has brought in an green revolution and what was once considered suitable only for lighting and powering fans, is now able to run machinery of large factories.

       Our innovative solar air  drying systems were initially introduced to the agri farming industry and it served as a great boon to cardamom, tea, pulses, fruit, spices, dry fish processing industries. During this period, one of our most fulfilling moments was witnessing our technology revolutionize the traditionally unhygienic fish drying process, transforming it into a hygienic and controlled environment within our closed Solar dryers. Subsequently, our R&D department ventured into diverse industries beyond agriculture, including automobile, leather, textile, and rubber, benefitting these industries with both greener and cheaper energy.

      Our unwavering motto of “relationship matters more than business” has allowed us to satisfy clients from various industries and institutions.. We find profound fulfilment in transforming numerous polluting industries into eco-friendly ones, and take pride in being a contributor to greenhouse gas reduction and guardians of Mother Earth

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Energy audit, data analysis, R&D, Project designing, sourcing high quality materials, project implementation, testing & commissioning are integrated to give a complete solution package

Years of Experience

Over 35 years of expertise in solar energy, with a strong understanding of industries' requirements.

Global Collaborative R&D

Extensive R&D over the past 30 years in coordination with national & international organizations

Successful Projects

Rich experience of having executed 300+ projects in solar thermal & power applications

Hybridization for precision

Hybridization with pre-existing conventional units for uninterrupted work processes

Return of Investments
<2 years

ROI of close to 2 years make our Green Energy projects economically viable for your industry

After Sales Service

Proactive aftersales for positive client relationships over new projects, ensuring prompt and effective service

For Commercial

Best Energy solutions for your Commercial establishments / Institutions

For Industries

Best energy solutions for your industry's energy needs

How We Work

Our Work Process


Our dedicated team of engineers and craftsmen meticulously attend to every detail of the project to ensure its success


Techno Economic Feasibility Analysis

Techno-economic feasibility analysis is a crucial step in assessing the viability of a solar project from both a technical and financial perspective


Project Planning

Project planning is done in a systematic way defining the scope, resources, timeline, and activities required to achieve the desired outcome of a project. It encompasses the development of a clear roadmap, outlining the tasks and steps necessary for successful project execution


For Commercial

Successful completion of a project marks a significant milestone in the journey from concept to reality. It represents the successful culmination of extensive planning, diligent execution, and collaborative efforts by all involved stakeholders.

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