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Solar Water Heating System


Industries requiring a substantial amount of hot water for processes often use conventional methods like firewood or fossil fuel boilers, incurring significant energy expenses and emitting greenhouse gases that contribute to global warming

Solar water heating systems offer significant economic benefits. They can drastically reduce electricity bills, providing substantial savings over time. Moreover, they protect against rising energy costs, offering a predictable and fixed cost structure.

It is highly efficient, achieving a solar system efficiency of 20%. This efficiency allows for a quick return on investment, with systems often paying for themselves within 2-3 years.

Furthermore, solar water heaters with energy storage capabilities offer energy resilience, particularly during power outages or grid disruptions. By storing excess solar energy, these systems can provide hot water even when sunlight is scarce.

It can also fundamentally replace conventional energy – based boilers in many industries, saving expenses in the form of expensive maintenance for traditional boilers while also promoting sustainable and ecofriendly development.

Our industrial system utilizes either the ETC or CPC system to raise the water temperature from an ambient temperature range of 25-30°C to an impressive 70-100°C, depending on the type of system. 


  • Can be seamlessly integrated into existing conventional energy-based water heating processes without disrupting industrial output.
  • Solar-heated water can be efficiently stored in insulated tanks ensuring availability for processes around the clock
  • Our innovative hybrid technology ensures a consistent delivery of hot water at specified temperatures
  • Our Solar Water Heating systems can eliminate the need for conventional energy-based boilers used to heat water entirely. This not only makes your industry greener but also saves on manpower and the challenges of maintaining such boilers.
  • Our Solar Water systems are also cost-effective with an average Return on Investment of less than 2.5 years

Our Solar Water Heating systems have been successfully implemented across a myriad of industries, a few being

  • Industrial Cooker Manufacturers
  • Rubber Gloves Manufacturers
  • Condom Manufacturers
  • Milk Processing Industries
  • Ice-Cream Manufactures
  • Industrial Canteens
Solar Water Heating Systems

Frequently Asked Questions


1.What is a Solar Water Heating system?

Solar Water Heating System uses sunlight to heat water for various household and industrial purposes. It typically consists of solar collectors in the form of tubes/plates, a heat transfer system, and a water storage tank. 

2.How does a Solar Water Heating system differ from a Solar Power system?

The Solar Water Heating System is a distinct concept wherein thermal energy from the sun is utilized to heat water.  In contrast, the Solar Power system involves the conversion of the sun's energy into electrical energy

3.Which is better: Solar Water Heating system or Solar Power system ?

Both systems have unique advantages, but a Solar Water Heating system, if adapted for industrial processes that require hot water, would be more efficient, occupy less space, and be more cost-effective

4.Is maintaining a Solar Water Heating system difficult?

Maintaining a Solar Water Heating System is generally straightforward and not very difficult provided you ensure the water being used in the system is soft without high TDS.  Moreover, AMC with your supplier can ensure the efficiency and the lifespan of the system

5.What is the normal lifespan of a Solar Water Heating system and what is the usual Return of Investment time period?

The lifespan of a well-designed and well-maintained Solar Water Heating system is around 15 years. The ROI depends on the fuel (electricity, coal, firewood, fossil fuel) that the Solar Water Heating system replaces and is generally less than 2 years.

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