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Tea industry is a significant consumer of energy, relying heavily on both electricity and thermal energy throughout its operations. Energy consumption in the tea industry is a dynamic  interplay  between  modernization  and  sustainability, where efforts  are  made  to  reduce  the  overall  consumption  and environmental impact through the integration of renewable energy sources.

Explore the success stories in energy conservation from key players in the tea industry who have embraced our green energy technologies

   We helped in making the operations of the following companies

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Energy audit, data analysis, R&D, Project designing, sourcing high quality materials, project implementation, testing & commissioning are integrated to give a complete solution package

35 Years of Experience

Over 45 years of experience in the field of solar energy with a robust understanding of Indian industry application

Global Collaborative R&D

Our extensive R&D over the past 30 years in coordination with national & international organizations

300+ Successful Projects

Rich experience of having executed 300+ projects in solar thermal & power applications

Retrofitting Conventional Energy Units

Without loss to your productive capacity we retrofit your conventional units with solar systems for enhanced energy efficiency 

Return of Investments
<2 years

ROI of close to 2 years make our Green Energy projects economically viable for your industry

Proactive After Sales Service

Our top priority is prompt & proactive aftersales service rather than new projects, as it creates a very positive relationship with our clients.

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